Branding agency

We’re a full-service brand agency located in France.

MAG provides a comprehensive mix of marketing and creative branding services to help companies to revitalize brands, and create brands from scratch. We believe each brand has the potential to create brand affinity among its constituents. Our job is to help find the ideal brand positioning and communicate it with creative and integrated marketing communications.

Winning Brand Fans from the Inside Out

The greatest brand marketing is instinctive and inspired. We believe the most sincere type of branding in born from within. When those traits and characteristics that make an organization great become embedded in its culture, the brand begins to take on a persona of its own. Not unlike those unstoppable fans. From start-up to multi-national, MAG has the experience, talent and resources to revitalize your brand to become more relevant and valuable in an ever changing world.

Branding Services:

  • Brand Consulting
  • Competitive Analysis and Positioning
  • Internal and External Brand Research
  • Sweet Spot Brand Positioning
  • Brand Name Generation
  • Creative Themes and Taglines
  • Visual Identity and Logo Design
  • Brand Naming and Taglines

Brand Creation

When clients come to us with a blank sheet of paper, we call it a Brand from Scratch. They know what market they wish to serve and have products and services in mind, but have typically not yet given the brand a name, look or line. Our ideal process includes some competitive market research to understand who occupies what sectors of the market. We the key parameters and requirements. From there, we typically create the brand name, product names, logo, visual identity, high-level messaging, tagline, website and a complete launch program.

Branding Challenge

Maximum Security Safe is a national distributor of safes who discovered a niche market for personalized jewelry safes. The owners had decided on the name Casoro when they asked MAG to help create a new luxury brand to appeal to interior designers and jewelry stores.

Strategic Insight

The owner of a jewelry safe is anything but typical. Movie stars, corporate titans and professional athletes are more likely to own the type of luxurious home and possessions that need the protection of a Casoro Jewelry Safe. Available in more colors than a Bugatti Veyron and they can cost as much as a Fiat 500.

Creative Solution

It started with a visual identity that took its queue from 18kt gold, genuine leather and sparling diamonds. The dynamic Casoro logo was incorporated into a complete website design that includes a complete build your own feature that includes an extreme level of customization. Product names were derived from the most valuable of all precious gems and the tagline “Priceless Protection” speaks for itself.


Sweet Spot Positioning

Your brand position is in the minds of your customers and other target audiences you wish to influence. Your position is relative to other competitive brands and offerings that compete for that position. The first step in any brand positioning exercise is to determine where the brand is now. What space does it occupy and how does it compare with other choices.

Criteria for Sweet Spot Success

  • Compel Purchase (benefits worth paying for)
  • Brand Affinity (attributes consumers like the brand)
  • Longevity (a position worth defending over time)

Asking a brand to occupy a totally unique position in its category is both naïve and worthy. Naïve, because so many brands in any given category want to occupy the ideal brand position. Worthy, because a brand can never achieve top brand status if doesn't push itself to do so. One approach to sorting out the branding challenges is to focus on the development of a Sweet Spot. This can be found at the intersection of Customer Needs, Market Dynamics and Client Realities.