Internet Marketing

Why Top Search Results mean everything in Internet Marketing

This may sound threatening or over the top, but consider this:

  • 58% of customers research using Search Engines before buying
  • 59% of search engine traffic goes to the top 3 organic results
  • 36% go to the top ranked result
  • 13% to the second ranked result
  • 10% to the third ranked result
  • 41% to the next millions of results
  • Google uses over 200 factors to rank search results
  • Search results change every single day due to competition


A Top Ranked Website Takes More than SEO

Many SEO companies will perform an SEO tune-up on your website that produce temporary results. A winning website takes more than on-site SEO strategy, it takes a commitment to provide the most compelling content, be a trusted resource to other established websites, and be liked, followed and connected on Social Media. A blogging service in India is not the answer. You need a locally-based Internet marketing savvy team that can program and optimize your website on an ongoing basis. We are the premier internet marketing experts in France — you’re own SEO and digital marketing team. We will show you results on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.


Introducing our High-Performance 24-7 Internet Marketing Sales Force:

When you consider that your website never sleeps and it sees more customers and prospects than your entire sales force, you appreciate the significant role internet marketing plays in your company. Each year the stakes go higher. So, how do you compete? Our process starts with a proprietary, comprehensive website evaluation that determines and benchmarks the performance of competitive sites. We then carefully examine the features and tactics that attract, retain and convert visitors into paying customers. We compile this information to prepare website recommendations and determine website optimizing, social media management, and/or conversion goals to track from-the-jump. Internet Marketing is a constantly changing beast. Tactics used two years ago are vastly different than what’s happening now. Search engines, especially Google, are in a consistent state of flux to the way in which they perform search. It’s our job to keep our finger on the pulse of how organic search is performed. We take great pride in our work, and we show it off by bench-marking and compiling your website’s data from start to finish, proving your ROI for our internet marketing services.