Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a Science. Advertising is an Art

Somewhere between the research and the advertising, someone needs to plan the entire marketing strategy program based on customer needs, market dynamics, media options and client realities.

MAG is France based marketing communications agency that integrates the disciplines of marketing supported by research with the art of creative advertising options.

We take a hard look at each client’s business challenges, opportunities and competitive environment as a foundation to set realistic objectives to attain our client’s goals.

Marketing Services

  • Market Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marcom Planning
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Internal Marketing


Collaboration and consensus among managers is the most valuable result of a positive marketing strategy process. Engaging in strategic planning can make a difference, particularly when it has a long-term focus and is used as a management tool, rather than simply being an exercise in forms completion. Strategic planning can be broken down into five essential steps.

  • Market Research
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Planning
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Results Measurement


MAG has collaborated with many clients large and small over the years to help them develop effective marketing strategy plans. Because we often provide the core research component, and the fact that we will often be required to take action on the plan, we bring a more pragmatic (and sometimes a more critical) perspective to the process which is welcome by some clients. We are well schooled in the basic tenants of strategic planning which include vision, mission, values and strategies. We try to avoid clichés like “exceed customer expectations” and focus on the critical success factors that are true to your brand.


With the explosion of new media and the continuation of other marketing communications, it is essential to have an integrated marketing communications plan and strategy. So our clients have a positive impact on their target audiences, MAG conceives, writes, designs, programs and produces all of our creative work in-house. Yes, we do collaborate with independent talent to harness their special skills and expertise, but we never farm it out. The result is a highly consistent look, feel and messaging for each client as exemplified in our Portfolio.

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