Print Advertising

We live in a digital world -- and print may have "calmed down" but it is certainly still alive and kicking. According to AdWeek,magazine readership continues to inch upward. The fastest gains in that segment? Teen Vogue,Esquire and The Atlantic. What does that tell you about the future of print advertising? Thought-leaders (The New Yorker, The Economist, Etc.) are still dominating the magazine market while fashion glossies continue to increase readership along with food magazines. Clearly, print is still a valid advertising segment worth pursuing.

Walter's Automotive

As the pride of Riverside, Walter’s Automotive Group is the predominant purveyor of Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche automobiles. Having lower operating costs than their LA and OC competitors, they know firsthand that even the rich appreciate a bargain.


Some products are simply ahead of their time. Apple’s Newton comes to mind. Lesser know is Samsung’s UF-130 Digital Presenter. A marvel of modern technology so advanced very few had a need for it. However, it does lend itself to some mighty impressive ads, as shown here.


“Equip Smart” references the equipment used in performing extreme sports to make a point about the reliability and durability of Samsung all-in-one multifunctional laser printer / copier / fax machines.


WEG Motors is a global leader in large electric motors. These ads combine impressive specs with compelling photos to create a dynamic brand impression in the vertical markets WEG serves in the U.S.

Digital Coast Partners

Digital Coast Partner’s entrepreneur profile is a classic way to showcase successful clients in an advertising campaign targeted to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.


Yes, you are seeing double. These ads were created to demonstrate in print the quality of Omnifax digital fax machines. These ads appeared in business magazines such as Forbes and Fortune as well as airline in-flight magazines.

Silicon Systems

“Best of Show” goes to Silicon Systems at the BMA West Awards for its campaign featuring superstar chipsets designed to power modems and disk drives. The ads spoke to each product’s benefit in a compelling way.